Risk-free approach

Counterparty risks are reduced to zero while deposits and settlements remain instant

ClearLoop off-exchange settlement

Now you can keep your funds absolutely safe in an independent and audited Copper custody and use these funds to trade on Xena Exchange. Your funds never leave the custody infrastructure, and the realized PnL from your new trades is settled to your Copper account once an hour.

Xena Decentralized Accounts

Gain total control over your funds with Xena Decentralized Accounts (dAccs): keep your BTC in a hot wallet, create a Lightning-like channel to Xena Exchange and send extra collateral to your trading account in less than a second. This solution combines centralized trading with segregated hot wallet storage that you control, so the exchange never has direct access to your funds.

Multisig cold wallet storage

Even if you prefer trading on Xena Exchange, don’t stress about the safety of your capital. User funds are all stored offline in multisig cold wallets. Furthermore, we run continuous penetration testing to ensure that there are no vulnerabilities in the software.