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Traditional financial markets have historically developed a solid set of efficient tools that mitigate mutual risks of participants and make markets more predictable, and profitable for everyone
We are dedicated in introducing the most relevant ones to the newly emerging digital assets market

Powerful web terminal

Enjoy the most advanced web trading terminal. Track the state of the market, the current profits and losses of all cryptocurrencies you hold, and send, cancel, and modify your orders on one screen.

Hotkeys for burning trading

Switch between order types and place and customize orders without using a mouse or trackpad. Hotkeys only.

Professional desktop terminal

Use the Xena Desktop Pro trading terminal if you need more capabilities, such as:
Creating custom studies and writing trading bots on C# (with free plugin for Visual Studio Code)
Backtesting your strategies
Creating synthetic instruments and trading them in one click
And many more
The desktop terminal is completely free.

Proprietary trading signals

Corrected averages reduce noise and help identify the real trends
Planimetry visualizes the price channel and resistance levels
Trend signals (Clear Method Candles, Balance Signal, Trend Switcher, Trend Power, MACD) detect starting trends
Combined oscillators (Channel, Strength, and Range ribbons) assess the overbuying/overselling probability for assets

Advanced order types

Execute any strategy with sophisticated order types and customize your liquidity impact:
Market orders
Limit orders
Stop orders
Trailing stops
Immediate-or-Canceled (IOC)
Fill-or-Kill (FOK)
The following programmatic orders are under development:
Maker-only and Pegged-to-Market

Market barometer

We are creating a powerful analytical system that gathers data about prices, trades, orders, news, and transactions from the largest cryptocurrency exchanges and various blockchains. All the data is then converted by our unique algorithms into powerful but easy-to-understand charts and statistics that can be used to understand the market conditions and build profitable trading strategies.