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Trade Bitcoin, GRAM, Bitcoin volatility, mining difficulty, and many more underlying assets

Leverage up to 100x. The ability to go short. No expiration of contracts. Protection for traders. Probably the best cryptocurrency trading experience ever.

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Discover the benefits of Xena Listed Perpetuals

Xena Listed Perpetuals are cryptocurrency-settled derivative contracts intended to mirror the spot price of an underlying asset or index


Earn more with up to 100x leverage

Increase your returns by up to 100 times with the same amount of funds and use the protection mechanisms to feel secure


Take advantage of price falls

With Xena Listed Perpetuals, theres no necessity to buy first. You can profit when prices go down by opening a short position


Keep calm on the never-manipulated market

The price of perpetuals is based on an index built from the rates of several exchanges
Safe liquidation ensures that positions are liquidated only when the price movements are confirmed
The Price Range, Upper and Lower Limits features protect traders from unexpected swings in market prices


Hourly settlement for effective money management

The unrealized profit or loss of your active positions is settled to your account each hour. You can use your earnings immediately without closing your positions or paying fees and spread


Experience real exchange trading

The prices of Xena Listed Perpetuals are defined by the balance of supply and demand in the Xena Exchange order book. You can always place a better bid or offer to the market.
Built-in mechanics ensure that the price of a perpetual stays close to the price of its underlying asset


Perpetuals are as easy as ABC

Perpetuals mirror the price of the underlying asset and never expire. There are no forward rates or other markups included in the price of a perpetual