Important Updates in Xena Exchange Products

The Xena Exchange derivative contracts line is expanding

We have reorganized the instruments traded on Xena Exchange. In addition to the XBTUSD and ETHUSD perpetuals, we have now launched XBTUSD fixed-maturity quarterly futures. In the near future, we plan to enable ETHUSD futures trading and will continuously add new contracts.

Trade derivatives on better terms

We have optimized our fee rates to better meet the needs of market participants. We now offer a flat fee rate of 0.045% for takers and a 0.025% rebate for makers, independent of the volume traded.

Taker Maker
0.045% -0.025%

Xena Exchange Has Optimized the Performance of Margin Trading

We have released an improved trading engine that supports roundtrips in less than 15 ms (75th percentile, new order submission) with significantly increased throughput.

Great features for our clients

  • We’ve added netted position accounting (one position per one instrument). The previous accounting mode (multiple positions per one instrument) is also available for those who prefer it.
  • Those who trade through the API can now add arbitrary commentaries to orders. This option will be adjusted for non-API traders in the near future.
  • Stop-limit orders are also available, although currently for API traders only.
  • We’ve developed a second type of maker-only order: peg-to-offer-side orders are automatically moved to the best available price level if they are to be executed aggressively (in contrast to the usual maker-only orders, which are cancelled in tis case).

A few new things you can do through the API

We have published a new client library in the Go programming language. Here it is:

As for API improvements, our clients can now:

  • mass cancel orders
  • get the current server time in the market data REST API
  • get the tick history

Spot trading will soon be disabled

We have decided to focus on derivative contract trading and develop new contract types one by one, including options and a Bitcoin volatility contract. Thus, we plan to disable the spot engine (BTC/USDT and ETH/USDT instruments) soon.

ETH and USDT withdrawals will be possible in the usual mode through the platform web interface until March 15, 23:59 UTC.

After that, clients will only be able to withdraw funds by submitting a request to the Customer support team. Please note that this will require passing KYC and attaching your ID scan when submitting a ticket. It will only be possible to withdraw the BTC equivalent of your ETH or USDT balance, calculated by the market rates as of 12:00 UTC on March 16.