In our everyday life, we pick the things that fit us best and most effectively meet the requirements of the business we do. We choose the most comfortable sneakers for running and the most beautiful high-heeled shoes for a supper promenade. We buy devices with nice cameras to take good shots and choose a longboard instead of public transport to get to the office. In trading, we seek a speedy and convenient way to access market data and manage our positions. Thus, here at Xena Exchange, we have a powerful web terminal and are now launching a desktop one to meet the demands of any kind of trader.

The cryptocurrency sector has grown exponentially within the last decade. However, the infrastructure to support professional traders and investors in making informed decisions doesn’t exist in the same way it does for traditional financial services. This lack of high-quality impartial information is a huge barrier that prevents retail investors and institutions from entering this rapidly evolving and exciting area of the world economy.

Anton Kravchenko,
CEO Xena Exchange

Xena Pro is one of the few desktop terminals on the entire cryptocurrency market that is absolutely free for everyone. The desktop terminal is targeted at both experienced professionals as well as novice traders looking to learn, test paper trading, and try new strategies and order types. For more experienced traders, it enables the easy automation of trading strategies using C# and Visual Studio Code plugins, strategy backtesting, and built-in calculations, as well as one-click trading for synthetic instruments.

Why trade using the desktop terminal?

First and foremost, there are traders who love using desktop terminals but lack the opportunity on the cryptocurrency market. Desktop solutions provide traders with more freedom by allowing bot-writing and strategy backtesting, which enables people to test strategies on historical data before backtesting them. In practical terms, bots are widely used in scalping and intraday trading. In the near future, Xena Exchange plans to release code for basic trading strategies so novice traders can learn to manage them and adjust them to their needs.

Additionally, the desktop terminal provides a number of other features that make trading more convenient:

  • Built-in calculations and one-click trading for synthetic instruments allow traders to, for example, make risk-free profit, exploiting the inefficiencies in the pricing of different instruments. Say you buy BTC for USDT, then use this BTC to buy ETH, and finally sell the ETH for USDT. If the financial outcome of these transactions is positive, you’ve just earned on the arbitrage. In Xena Desktop Pro, you can create such a triangle and see the price chart of the resulting synthetic instrument. If its price is positive, you can buy the unit of this instrument in one click — the terminal will automatically send three orders to the exchange. There are also other similar strategies.
  • Panel-binding allows you to combine several panels into one entity and integrate it into your workspace.
  • Chart & mouse trading allows you to manage your positions directly from the charts.
  • Stat matrix shows the matrix of correlations between different assets.
  • Drawings and a wide range of indicators visualize the trading and make it easy to track.
  • Multiple workspaces & screens allow for fast switching.

Try downloading Xena Pro and see if it meets your trading needs. We wish you profitable trading!