We are Xena Exchange – an international digital asset exchange, and our mission is to ensure maximum security, quality and efficiency of trading cryptocurrencies and crypto derivatives. As new digital trading tools continue to emerge – with many designed by leading global corporations – it becomes impossible to deny that cryptocurrencies are playing an important role in the economy and they have the capability to offer immense benefits for users. Nevertheless, serious counterparty risk and a lack of traditional trading instruments prevent large capital from entering the crypto market.

Xena Exchange specializes in creating new tools which both enhance the security of funds and increase analytical and trading capabilities with efficiency. We are certain such measures will be crucial in helping to instill trust within the cryptocurrency market.

To promote the benefits of trading on Xena Exchange we have launched a partner program, and we are thrilled to share it with the world. It is designed to maximize partnerships internationally and to promote a secure and intuitive trading environment. If you share our goals and vision, then we want to invite you to join. You can become a business partner or join the Xena Exchange brand and participate in the largest crypto-related events in your region, act as an expert on our products, hold  meet-ups, attract new clients – and of course, earn a stable income.

For our part, we will support all your initiatives and assist you every step of the way:

- We’ll take care of the administrative tasks;

- We’ll provide you with training materials;

- We’ll cover all the expenses.

We are willing to help so that you can remain focused on what really matters – promoting the brand and attracting new clients.

You can submit your application and learn more about the partner program here:  https://global.xena.exchange/

Collaborating with Xena Exchange partners in different countries is the best way to spread the awareness of our philosophy and views on trading. Xena Exchange was founded by former employees of leading investment banks and technological companies, such as J.P. Morgan, Deutsche Bank, UBS, Russian Stock Exchange, Kaspersky Labs and many others. Our team has an extensive expertise in the industry, including a total of 45 years of experience working for fixed-income securities clearing companies, as well as shares and derivatives trading; 25 years in risk management; 110 years in software development companies; 35 years in DevOps and cryptographic security for financial institutions.

Join our international team today!