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Superior trading terminal

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One screen for unlimited trading
One-screen trading terminal is specifically designed to make your trading both fast, and efficient by providing real-time market tracking, active orders and positions, and P&L, all without having to scroll
Proprietary signals and studies
Utilize our professional and innovative proprietary trading signals to better grasp market growth and potential. The best practices from the world’s top-notch trading desks are combined for easier profit extraction:
  • Corrected average reduces noise and helps to identify real trends
  • Planimetry visualizes price channel and resistance levels
  • Trend switcher helps to predict price turnarounds
  • Trend power shows reliability of buy and sell signals
  • 3 ribbons (Channel, Strength, and Range) assess the overbuying/overselling probability for assets
More robust signals such as fully-fledged AI and Neuronets solutions will be added soon
Advanced order types
Execute any strategy with sophisticated order types and tailor your liquidity impact:
  • Market
  • Limit
  • Stop
  • Take profit and stop loss
  • Immediate-or-Cancel
  • Fill-or-Kill
  • Trailing stops
  • Attempt-zero-loss

Programmatic orders are coming further:
  • Stop Limit
  • Maker Only and Pegged To Market
  • OCO and OTO
  • Iceberg
Trading at the tips of your fingers
Hot keys in the Terminal allow you to switch order types, enter prices, and send orders without using a mouse or trackpad