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We believe digital currencies are the future of the upcoming peer-to-peer world economy
Traditional financial markets have historically developed a solid set of efficient tools that mitigate mutual risks of participants and make markets more predictable, and profitable for everyone
We are dedicated in introducing the most relevant ones to the newly emerging digital assets market
Advanced Trading Terminal
The trader’s main workspace must provide all necessary instruments for analyzing the trends and executing complicated trading strategies.
Charts with numerous drawing tools
70+ TradingView technical studies
7 proprietary studies
Live market watch, market depth and last trades
Visualization of market depth
Stop loss, take profit, trailing stop, attempt zero loss orders
On the way
Stop limit orders
Programmatic orders
More studies and signals
Fast orders from the Market Depth widget
Implied market depth for arbitration strategies
Multi-leg trades
Price movement notifications via Push
And much more
Portfolio management
The Investments page is designed for portfolio investors who use smart tools to analyze behavior of the whole market in choosing the right assets to invest in.
All assets with their recent price action on one page
Basic trading signals
Quick views
Fast buy and sell
On the way
AI studies and signals
Multi-indicator page
Smart search and comparison of tokens and currencies
Fundamental research
News collector
High frequency trading, colocation and roundtrip in milliseconds
Time is money. The faster you respond to market changes, the less slippage and better execution you get. Modern stock exchanges offer round trip measured in milliseconds.
Average order round trip — 10 ms
Colocation (on request)
Hardware trading servers with certain locations
On the way
Average round trip — 1 ms
Automated colocation and VPS
Mobile and desktop apps
Allows traders to have access to the market and their portfolio anytime, anywhere.
On the way
Mobile apps for iOS and Android
Desktop app
Investor-Trader cabinet

With our Investor-Trader cabinet, you’ll be able to find successful traders with proven track records, and allow them manage your account.

You can allocate part of your funds to particular traders and define trading limits by instrument, risk exposure, and used trading strategies.

The platform will enforce traders to remain within the limits and facilitate payment of both management, and success fees guided by predetermined conditions.

On the way
Trading statistics
Live trading signals
PAMM and MAM accounts
Trading limits
Derivatives and trading on margin

In traditional markets, derivatives trading is 10 times higher than the volume of the underlying assets. Derivatives, such as tradable indices or futures, increase the overall liquidity of the market and hence decrease market risks.

They are useful for hedging as well as for leveraging trading profits. Indices simplify investments and reduce risks of investors due to diversification.

On the way
Margin trading and funding
Algorithmic indices
Tradable indices and baskets
Derivatives with settlement through a fiat currency
Crypto-audit and reporting
We enhance transparency to level that of modern financial institutions. Audit and reporting features will target the level of transparency required by regulators such as the SEC and ESMA for maximum trust.
Internal real-time audit system
On the way
Daily account statements
Public crypto audit
Daily balance sheet reporting
Slippage and spread reports
Regular external audits
Regulatory reporting
Funds clearing and decentralized accounts

Centralized exchanges offer fast execution and can be integrated in the financial system.

While decentralized exchanges are slow, and unable to fulfil large trade orders. They do however, offer the additional reliability which is demanded so highly by the market.

Just as traditional stock exchanges segregate clearing functions from depositary functions, our Decentralized Accounts combine benefits of both approaches.

Results of your trading on XENA exchange are settled periodically to the multi-sig blockchain wallets. You keep one of two private keys and can withdraw funds from the account at any moment bypassing the exchange. Counterparty risk of settlement will eventually be reduced to zero through the use of smart contracts.

On the way
Decentralized accounts
Smart-contracts to neutralize counterparty risks
Robot builder with neural nets

Automated trading with trading bots is able to eliminate the human psychological inefficiencies which plague traders. Bots can stay online 24x7 to never miss a trading opportunity.

By using our proprietary programming language, you’ll be able to automate your strategies of any complexity without the need of any coding experience. A powerful machine learning framework will allow you to dig deep into gigabytes of trading data to reveal new trading ideas.

Real-time market data and trading APIs that can be used for writing trading bots on the programming language you prefer
On the way
Simple programming language executed on our servers
Neuronets builder
Dark pool and prime brokerage
With our dark pool system, you can trade directly from our trading terminal or API via multiple different exchanges without the need of depositing funds to each one of them. Interconnecting exchanges allows for higher liquidity to ensure better execution prices with less slippage and increases overall market stability.
Market makers
Liquidity from other exchanges
On the way
Implied order book showing liquidity footprint on many exchanges
Sending street orders to other exchanges
Prime brokerage
OTC market
Buying or selling large amounts of assets is never easy. Your execution immediately pushes the market prices in the negative direction. OTC trading allows for large orders to be executed at the desired price without impacting the market.
Enhanced market data

Quality of trading and investment decisions often depend on the timeliness, and level of information. Some strategies, such as market making, require gigabytes of data for deep understanding of the nature of the market.

At XENA we collect and offer all types of market data sourced internally and across other digital assets exchanges and brokers.

Real time XENA market data (order book and trades)
On the way
Real time and historical XENA order log
Order log history from all major digital asset exchanges
Candles history from all exchanges