is the exchange

for market professionals?

Easier profit extraction for active traders

  • Smarter trading with AI studies and signals
  • Advanced orders for tailored liquidity impact (Fill or Kill, Immediate or Nothing and others)

Better management for portfolio investors

  • Token price action on a single page
  • Trend watcher with AI signals
  • One-click trading

Low latency for algo-traders and funds

  • Real-time trading and market data web socket and FIX APIs
  • Trading servers in Tier 4 data center
  • Colocation



made simple

best crypto exchange – xena for pro by pro

Find right assets and timing

A number of new cryptocurrencies and tokens grows daily. It’s hard to find the one worth investing.

We have combined the easy access to all digital assets with detailed analytics on one page.

Compare 24h price action with historical 1 month trend of all digital currencies and find the right patterns. Identify growing tokens in correction or falling tokens that are ready for price turnaround.

Feel market flow with trading dashboard

Many tokens, timeframes and signals are difficult to cope with.

AI signals are implemented on various timeframes for each digital asset on the trading dashboard. Get solid grasp of trend power in seconds instead of jumping from screen to screen.

Going forward we will expand the range of AI signals, add powerful NeuroNets and professional fundamental research.

best crypto exchange – xena exchange
best crypto exchange – xena is new generation crypto exchange

Manage your portfolio
in one click

Execute your trades in seconds directly from the Investments page.

The comfort of fast trade will not compromise the ability to shape the liquidity impact. Forecast the slippage and get the predictable execution price.

Superior trading


new generation crypto exchange terminal

Proprietary signals
and studies

Order book and liquidity impact

Liquidity is important. We want you to clearly see the liquidity impact on order book and adjust your trades accordingly for cheaper execution.

Advanced order types

Right now we support only Market and Limit orders. Complex order types designed to tailor your liquidity footprint on the market are coming soon:

•  Stop and Stop Limit
•  Maker Only and Pegged To Market
•  FOK, AON and IOC
•  OCO and OTO
•  Iceberg

Proprietary signals and studies

We spent the majority of our banking careers on trading desks and do know what instruments work. Right now you can use 7 proprietary studies:

Corrected average reduces noise in the price movements and helps identify trends
Planimetry visualizes price channel
Trend switcher helps predict turnarounds of the asset price
Trend power shows reliability of buy and sell signals
•  3 ribbons (Channel, Strength and Range) assess probability of assets being overbought or oversold

We are going to expand the number of studies and implement full-fledged AI and Neuronets solutions.

Our commitment to


Keeping clients' funds safe is number one priority for us.
We have created the thorough threat model that assesses all internal and external risks and attack vectors. The threat landscape is constantly updated with new information gathered by our internal security specialists and by external experts.

In a nutshell, we consider several directions in security:

Digital  wallets

  • Most of the funds are stored on cold wallets. Keys are stored in geographically distributed secured locations and have never been exposed to devices connected to the web.
  • Cold wallets are multi-sig, and no single person in the whole organization has enough access to transfer funds from them.
  • Hot wallets carry the minimal possible amount of funds. Keys are spread between containers in the Google Cloud, detached from certain server or physical location.

Product and  infrastructure

  • Internal protocols use cryptographical multi-factor verification of sensitive operations such as deposits and withdrawals. It’s not possible to initiate any withdrawals manually, even if intruders breached into our internal networks.
  • All assets and transactions are subject to real-time audit by a dedicated system. We constantly track that user account records in our internal systems exactly match assets stored on wallets.
  • Internal networks are segregated from web physically and by firewalls. All external communications are routed via demilitarized zones.
  • All external endpoints are protected from DDoS by Cloudflare.
  • We cooperate with white hackers and run penetration tests of each software release to ensure no vulnerabilities in software.


  • We protect decent users with 2 factor authentication and services that detect unusual users’ activity.
  • Users’ passwords and API keys are stored encrypted with modern asymmetrical algorithm (Argon2) that makes decryption impossible.
  • We engage automatic fraud monitoring platform that decreases risks of user’s account takeover.
  • We are analyzing trading operations to detect and prevent market manipulation and other toxic activity of malicious users.
  • We prohibit the wash trades (matches of buy and sell orders sent by the same person) to prevent market manipulation.


= Trust

We are improving transparency to the level of international financial institutions

  • digital assets balance sheet updated on a DAILY, WEEKLY and MONTHLY basis
  • regular audit of financial statements
  • proprietary real time cryptoaudit tool
  • slippage and spread reports
  • daily individual account statements

We bring together diverse team of professional investment bankers who worked in JPMorgan, Deutsche Bank, Royal Bank of Scotland and ING and combine with outstanding and talented developers who worked in Kaspersky Lab and EPAM.


The team

of FICC, Equities and
Derivatives trading
of Risk
of financial institutions security
in both DevOps and cryptography
of software

Transparent. Profit oriented.
Built by professionals