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Higher returns

Smarter tools

Lower commissions

Digital assets exchange from investment banking professionals

Digital assets exchange from investment banking professionals
Better management for portfolio investors
  • Single page with price action for all assets
  • Trend watcher with AI signals
  • One-click trading
  • Portfolio analysis
About Portfolio
Easier profit extraction for active traders
  • Low fees: 0.03% taker’s fee and -0.03% maker’s rebate
  • Smarter trading, powered by AI studies and signals all within a convenient trading terminal
  • Advanced order types such as stop loss, take profit and trailing stop orders, etc. to tailor liquidity impact
  • Trading positions and real-time P&L calculations
About Terminal
Low latency for algorithm-traders and funds
  • Real-time trading with market data web socket and FIX APIs
  • Tier 4 data center
  • Colocation services
Public API
Instant trading, supported by:
  • Top of the line security
  • Fast KYC
  • Automated withdrawals
  • Professional support
About Security
We believe that digital currencies are the future of the upcoming P2P world economy. We are dedicated to making the digital assets market more predictable and profitable by introducing the best tools from traditional markets.
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