Xena Exchange
Liquidity Dark Pool with zero counterparty risk for Algorithms

Fully compliant and custodian settled bitcoin perpetual, futures and volatility

Xenial Environment for Nimble Algorithms

What makes Xena Exchange special?

Real-time off-exchange settlement

Your funds never leave the infrastructure of the Copper Copper ClearLoop, and you can execute new trades on Xena Exchange. Instant order placement and automated PnL settlement – all while your assets remain secure offline.

Xena decentralized account solution

Seeking yet more control over your funds? Use your personal hot wallet and send unlimited collateral to your exchange account in less than a second with Xena Decentralized Accounts.

Advantages for time –
and performance-sensitive
trading operations
FIX-based messages and flows
Real-time push updates via WebSocket connection
Colocation option
Personal high rate limits
Demo environment for integration testing
Favourable terms
for contract traders
Up to 50x leverage
High liquidity
Safe and fair liquidation with negative balance protection
Market manipulation protective mechanisms
Flat fee rates for all derivative contracts
Advanced API
Choose whatever: REST, websocket, or FIX API. Explore the free API libraries on GitHub

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